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Tech Clean Candle Filter Cleaning System  

Tech Clean System is a compact, environmentally and user friendly candle filter cleaning equipment

Suitable for different thermoplastic polymers, e.g. PET, PA, PP, TPE, PB, PBT, PC, PMMA, ABS.
Used for cleaning of the RMP systems.
Candles that can be handled: 12 mm diameter min to 1250 mm max length
Short cleaning cycles (from 5 to 15 mins)
Environment friendly because no solvents or detergents are necessary
No emissions
User friendly easy and safe operation
All parts in Stainless Steel

How it works?
It works on the back flushing mechanism

Sintered Fibre media lying is Coarse to fine, Flow of polymer is normally Coarse to fine. The filtration is from out to in & back wash is from in to out.

The cleaning is effective by 2 methods:

A ) High pressure water jet pressure
Spray nozzle which operates at high pressure in up - down direction.

B ) centrifugal force.
High speed rotation creates centrifugal force to push the particles further outside

Rotation at high speed & pushing of high pressure jet cleans the candle uniformly across the length & as well as diameter.

Above two method increases the filtration efficiency by cleaning the candle to maximum level. Auto back wash system is more efficient for mesh packs as there will be no pressure drop caused by core tube / hardware which is inside the candle.

Mesh pack should be always supported by outer / protection guard while cleaning the candles.
Functional Principle of Tech Clean Candle Filter Cleaning System

F = M x a
F = M x w2 x r

F : Force
M : mass
w : rotational speed
r : distance from centre
a : acceleration
Force acting is directly proportional to the mass, angular speed and distance form the centre The centrifugal force and the water pressure push the particles out.

Tech Clean Candle Filter Cleaning System
Technical Specifications

3 phase supply

Candle size handled
Min inner diameter 12.5 mm and max length 1.2m (can be made as per customer requirement )

Cleaning time
5- 15 mins (dependent on candle size, cleaning frequency)

Consumable/ Spare Qty Remarks
Water @ 5 l/cycle Recycling is done by just as top up so taken as consumption. One - time requirement is more.
Additives @ 0.2 l/cycle This is for the effective cleaning
Nozzle   In case of damage. Cleaning after 2 cycles is recommended
Hose fitting   In case of damage
Water Filter candle 1 / 6 months Depends on the usage of the machine. This is a guideline
Tech Clean Candle Filter Cleaning System
Tech Clean Candle Filter Cleaning System Tech Clean Candle Filter Cleaning System Tech Clean Candle Filter Cleaning System



• Increases the cleaning efficiency of candle.
• Increased on-stream life & number of cleaning cycles.
• No manual errors as candles / mesh packs are cleaned in machine.
• Tech Clean handles multiple Inner diameter candles.
• Less water consumption as water will be circulated through filtration unit.
• Flexible solutions, Safe etc.
• After Sales Service and Technical Support

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