• Spares and Raw material sourcing
  • Product Development
  • Special Tools
  • Material Handling
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     Our Product Range
Technokraten LLP

•Technokraten is a pioneer in converting ideas into reality and real time challenges into opportunities of continuous improvement.

• Technokraten is based in Shivane , Pune , Maharashtra, India.

• Technokraten has done value additions by developing new products and implementable solutions to ideas generated with Lean Thinking .

• Technokraten is led and mentored by Sangita Sadafule who is a technocrat with over 2 decades of experience in Operations and General Management and Mr Narendra Nimbalkar who is a technocrat in Designing.

• Technokraten has a set up, where we have a competent team of design engineers , Manufacturing Engineers and technicians.

• At Shivane we have the set up for in house manufacturing and strong network for special processing.

• Technokraten has a wide customer base with wide spread domains

Our team


• Sangita Sadafule
• Narendra Nimbalkar

Design Engineers

• Manufacturing Engineers
• Technicians


Technokraten is The Team capable of understanding customer needs and converting ideas into reality and real world challenges to opportunity for continual improvement with Lean thinking.

Customer Delight by being there at all times to convert ideas into reality and real world challenges into opportunity for continual improvement with lean thinking.
Our Core Competencies
• Automation
• Product Development
• Special Tools
• Spares Parts Indigenization
• Material handling
• Jigs and Fixtures
• Testing Equipment

Automobile Industry

• Multi variant Sports bikes are being assembled in India on the assembly stations designed by our team

• Our nut runner ensure error proof operation due to the poke yoke built in the system.

• Our reaction arm designed for bolt tightening ensures ergonomic handling of the assembly line tool ,is operational in India , Sri Lanka and Mexico.

• Our greasing dispensers are in use and realizing cost saving through wastage elimination, no over or under greasing is possible .

• Brake bleeding system upgradation has resulted in reducing the braking system testing time , resulting in improved productivity.


Polymer Industry

Our SPM machines with high accuracy levels are operational in China and India and supporting the filter element manufacturer with sustained quality and high productivity

Innovation Industry

Our team developed a SPM to cut the new developed material by National Chemical Laboratory.

Designed the assembly unit for the oxygen generation unit USP here was that they didn’t have to depend on anyone outsider for handling of the key component of the oxygen generators which is they intellectual property.

Designed a grinder for new material developed , material which is corrosive and tacky in nature.


Wire Industry

Tensioning device designed by the team which ensures consistent quality of the product with man power reduction .


• Developing tooling .

• Developing jigs and fixtures.

• Developing special application racks.

• Designing automation system .

• Resulting in eliminating one or more of

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